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Bodessy is the innovative foot massager that provides a positive effect on the whole body.

It is an indispensable assistant for people with restless legs syndrome (RLS), flat feet, plantar fascial fibromatosis, for those who feels lack of energy, tired after exhausting working day, wearing high-heeled shoes or have first symptoms of poor well-being.

Bodessy improves blood
circulation, reduces swelling feet
and alleviates pain and cramps.

Why us?

  • top quality
  • portability
  • easy to use
  • reasonable price
  • official warranty
  • fast delivery
  • washable covers
  • remote control
  • modern design
  • infra-red heating
  • extra socks
    for sensitive feet

Thousands of satisfied customers have already seen the effectiveness of the Bodessy and recommend it to all their friends. Read the list of reviews to be convinced in our reliability.

Bodessy can be the perfect gift for everyone.

and Details

Remote control: helps to set all the settings without going anywhere. No more moving from your comfortable position.

Extra socks for sensitive feet: a pleasant bonus for those who have sensitive legs.

Auto shut-off: helps to forget about necessity of controlling the process. Sit back, relax and focus on something positive.

Removable and washable feet cover: keeps foot massager сlean at all times. Just rinse it and feel safe before every use.

Infra-red heat function: enjoy comfortable warmth.


  • Weight: 9.48 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 13.8*8.7*15.8
  • Size: regular
  • Color: black
  • Material: composite
  • Batteries: included
  • Size limitations: up to
    12 US size

in Action

Healthy feet is not only about sport activity or visiting a professional masseur, but also about a quality foot massager can twist and knead leg muscles while helping to stretch and relax your feet.

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Healthy Feet

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Star Star Star Star Star

I work on my feet all day and this massager is exactly what I was looking for! It feels incredible and really helps my aching feet at the end of a long day. I love each of the different modes and the heat setting feels really nice too. I haven't tried to clean it yet, but I can tell it will be easy to clean as well. I definitely recommend this for everyday use or for a gift.

Star Star Star Star Star

I use this foot massager every day!. I like that I can use with you with or without socks and still get the same level of comfort. Level 2 is by far my favorite. I recommend this massager!

Star Star Star Star Star

This is a really good product. I was surprised that the area you place your feet in is so hard, but once I turned the heat on and started the program I was pleasantly surprised. The massage is quite intense. When done the pain from heel spurs is quite a lot better. I use this every night and have some lasting relief during the day. I can’t say that I am pain free, but between the spurs and plantar fasciitis I do have some improvement without injections or surgery. I really recommend this as assisting in the ability to avoid either of the options listed above, at least for now.

Star Star Star Star Star

I ordered this for my mother. This foot massager worked great at helping the blood circulation in her feet and legs and now they dont swell so bad.

Star Star Star Star Star

This is a take your turn when you can product as in we all love it in our household, as do our feet! Different levels, but there's a level that fits all of our wants. Would recommend for sure.

Star Star Star Star Star

Great product! I have it at middle setting and it totally relaxes me and the rollers hit the pressure points. No complaints!

Star Star Star Star Star

I am on my feet most of the day. After 3 minutes my feet felt like heaven! I was skeptical to buy this item because I thought the massage pressure would be weak. No way! This is an awesome foot massager!

Star Star Star Star Star

This was a Christmas gift to myself. So glad I added this to my self-care routine. Great pressure and very relaxing.

Star Star Star Star Star

Really great! We weren't expecting it to be so good.

Star Star Star Star Star

Highly suggest this foot massager for everybody.

James J. Burrows
beth h lander
daisy link
Lana LaCore
Angie Lima
Diane O'Hara


Is Bodessy for everyone?

Please, consult with your doctor if you are under therapy or feel unwell, patient with severe heart disease, malignant tumor patient or pregnant; if you have menstrual period, cancer, spine malformation, osteoporosis, diabetes, suffer from blood clots, recently had surgery. The doctor’s advice is also needed for those who have a fever, pacemaker or the medical implants, people with fragile or damaged bones.

How often can I use this massager?

Bodessy is safe for healthy people.

Can Bodessy be used only as a foot warmer?


Are there size limits?

It fits up to the 12 size.

will care for your
feet health

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